Prisoners Families - By Darren Ex Offender

Dear PW/UK 
My name is Darren and I am an ex offender.
It is only since I got myself straight that I really thought of prisoners families and the trauma they go through. 
I put my Mum through sheer hell and back and my girlfriend got some stick off her family and friends because I was a poor excuse of a partner. 
Prisoners families are a tough bunch of people and families of prisoners who stand by their loved ones time and time again are special people. 
I have read a lot of stories on your site and it has made me sit back and really reflect on the shame I have brought on my family. I have been given chance after chance and just threw it back in their faces. 
I never used to care about going back to prison because I always knew my family would stand by me and they did. I wanted for nothing and my girlfriend always made sure I was OK for money and clothes and stamps etc. 
Prisoners families are always frowned upon especially when visiting their loved ones. Prisons are crap places to visit lets face it yet our families never let us down and carry on visiting regardless of whether a screw scowls at them. 
I have been to prison 7 times. I'm not proud of it, not at all, and I have wasted a good few years of my life banged up in HMP. To all prisoners families out there, I salute you all because you do not have it easy at all. Luckily I don't have kids and I feel for the kids who have to visit their mums and dads in prison. 
I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean now for 2 years so the feelings I suppressed have swam their way to the surface and the real thoughts and feelings hurt, especially those of my irresponsible past and the heartache I have caused towards both my family and the victims of crime.