The beast of all drugs - from an addict

I rarely cry but did when I read the post about the young kid who is bullied because his dad is a drug addict. 
I am an heroin addict. I work full time to fund my habit and I have been to prison twice in my life. I am 45 years old.
I have a son who is now 20 and the last time we had contact was when he was 17. 
He grew up around junkies so who can blame him for mapping out a straight decent life. You're probably thinking why I still take drugs. Well I have been in 3 rehabs and have relapsed 5 times. The longest I have stayed off the gear is 4 months and even then I substituted heroin with cannabis and alcohol. 
It hits home when you read things about kids being affected by parents who take drugs. 
I'm an idiot, a complete idiot who got sucked in but believe me that just coming off heroin and stopping taking it is hard work. Heroin is the beast of all drugs. Don't go down that road - please. From an addict.