Your Dad's a smackhead! - from Mumof2

My son doesn't get bullied at school because his Dad's in prison; he gets taunted because his Dad is a heroin addict. The other kids shout at him; 'hey your Dad's a dirty smackhead'! My son's Dad has been in prison and no bullying whatsoever took place at all. I'm not being funny or anything but a lot of kids parents in my community and the kids a school do not bat an eyelid at the word prison and sadly it is a common thing. The only time a kid will get bullied with the prison thing is if it involves a sex offence; other than that; no; prison is a matter of fact subject. 
I have split with my son's Dad obviously because of his heroin addiction but he still lives in my community hence why the kids are taunting my boy. His Dad looks an absolute tramp and my son is embarrassed to high heaven. 
If you read your local newspapers; you will see endless Coroner's Court Cases on people overdosing on this evil disgusting drug. It is honestly like living among zombies and the Government are doing sweet FA about the problem! My son's Dad being in prison is a doddle compared to him being out high as a kite smacked up!