A Drugs Roller-coaster Ride - From a Mum

My son is a drug addict. He is an heroin addict and he is 29 years old.
He has always lived with me and has been sent to prison for the first time. He has never stuck to his treatment programmes and I have enabled him all along by giving him money for drugs because I didn't want him to steal from anyone although he stole from me plenty of times.
He is now ringing me all the time from prison asking me for money which I think is for drugs because how much money do people need in prison? My stress levels are through the roof and he is mithering me to death all the time for cash. I have had enough I really have. Please someone tell me what to do.

Prison Widow Comment: No one can tell you what to do but as long as you keep feeding his habit he will continue to badger you for money. He couldn't care less about how you feel because he is a drug addict and drug addicts only think about their next fix.