I found my heroin addict Dad's body - From Anonymous

My Dad died of an heroin overdose and me and my Mum found his body with the needle near his arm. 
My Mum has never used drugs but tried to help Dad many many times but he could not stop using heroin. He was offered a lot of help and support from drug agencies within our community but did not take them up on their offer. Obviously he did not want to stop using drugs and the end result was predictable. My childhood wasn't a bad one because my Mum was fab and always put others before herself. My Dad treated her like a dogs body but she never gave up on him.
My Dad wasn't violent and we did have some good times but I suppose they weren't real good times because he was under the influence. He used heroin in the end just to feel normal so he wasn't walking around high as a kite. 
Whenever he and Mum had a disagreement he would disappear sometimes for weeks on end and Mum never knew where he was. I remember one day walking to school with friends and I saw him coming out of a druggie house looking a mess. He didn't see me and I never told Mum because he was with a woman who looked as bad as he did. 
It was horrible seeing Dad declining and in a sad way now he is at peace.
As a young girl who has lived through this experience, I think that the Government need to do more. They are not doing enough and drug crimes need to pose tougher sentences.
The prison's need to clamp down too because offenders on drugs seem to be going around in circles.