No contact with a drug addict - By Prison Widow

Heroin addicts? They are a royal pain in the arse and before anyone jumps down my throat telling me that it's not their fault etc etc; try reading emails from youngsters who have been affected by their parents piss poor choices! There are young kids out here that are discovering their overdosed parents bodies and people feel sorry for junkies? I know what I am talking about too because I was codependent for ten years plus. I thought I was doing my Mother Theresa bit by trying to save him from the ugly world of smack. Unfortunately it took years before I smelt the coffee. I even volunteered at a local drugs and alcohol organisation and my head was constantly bruised from banging my head against a brick wall everyday. Heroin is a ruthless drug to kick but hear me out; some addicts I speak to tell me that they actually 'enjoy' the drama and there's always drama in the junkie community. Someone has either been done over (battered) or has had their front door kicked in. In fact there are better storylines in the drug community than there is in Eastenders. 
The other in fact, I was speaking with an heroin addict and he said he was fed up of using the gear. He'd just come out of HMP Forest Bank for committing a drugs related offence - and he was catching the bus to go 'grafting.' I asked him if he received any help inside re: his addiction and he said, 'yes it had been offered.' Now it's not the prison's fault, what exactly can drug workers do if a person has absolutely no intention of cleaning themselves up? It isn't down to the prison or drug workers - it is down to the addict. 
My main concern is for these kids! Kids who are abandoned and confused because they don't get why their Mum or Dad has buggered off to a drugs den for weeks, even months on end. We get emails everyday here from teenagers and it is heart-breaking. If your own flesh and blood isn't enough to kick the habit then it's a lost cause. 
The maintaining family ties thing that is often spoke about on the blog is tripe especially if the person you are visiting is an addict and is still an addict whilst serving their time. If they are released from prison an addict then what the hell are families supposed to do? Enable them all over again and wipe their backsides? Personally; and something they do in the USA; which I agree with is many individuals go no contact with their addicted loved ones. 
Heroin addiction - you did not cause it, you cannot control it and you cannot cure it. The three C's - that is the bottom line.