Prison? Don't Make Me Laugh - From An Ex Offender

Dear Prison Widow. 
I would rather my name be kept anonymous please.
My prison days are firmly behind me but I have offended prolifically in the past.
The reason I committed crime was because I was a smack head. People don't like that particular word being used but I was a smack head. I robbed off my partner, my Mother, and even my children, so, I was a smack head. Let us not dress it up, I wasn't an heroin addict because heroin addicts don't sound that bad when referring to one. No, I was a down and out useless smack head. 
It was 2010 when a doctor told me I was going on a permanent holiday to a place called heaven. I was injecting in to veins that weren't even there, so you can only imagine. I was a mess and then some! 
I have been 6 years clean and every day is a battle. Some days I crave smack more than others but I get through it and think about how it was. 
Prison is a place that categorically sets people up to fail. Those who say prison is what you make it are delusional. Prison is like a fucking criminal dating gaff. You usually meet your next grafting partner in there and the drugs? Oh yes you can get drugs; perhaps not as much as you can score on the out; but they're in there for the take if you can afford it.
I read quite a lot of articles stating that petty thieves should not be sent to jail.
Perhaps not but drug addicts shouldn't be sent there either! Obviously junkies can commit some horrendous crimes; but does the system honestly think that sending a smack head to jail works? Ha ha ha! Let's see a documentary on re-offending and an inside gander at prisoners running their drug dealing from inside! Let the general public have a proper look because the people's whose houses I burgled wouldn't have been happy seeing me sat in cell having a toot of smack with my pad mate! It's a joke! I did not remotely show a flicker of remorse because smack doesn't allow remorse. 
Break free from heroin? Go on then; try it because recovery is a damn site harder than being a smack head! 
Thank you Prison Widow for providing a bloody good platform for people like myself to say it exactly has it is. God bless you.