Prisoners families aren't all in the same boat - From Monica

Hi, I'm so sorry about the kids on here being affected by their parents heroin use. It is a nasty substance and no the Government aren't doing enough.
I was involved with a heroin user and the healthiest thing I did was to walk away. The manipulation was making me ill and my own health and well-being went downhill. 
I did the prison visits and it made no difference whatsoever. He admitted to using in prison so it wasted my time and made a mockery out of the whole criminal justice system. What is the point? We pay our taxes to house drug addicts in prison and what for? So they can use drugs in prison? 
I was once involved with the whole prisoners families campaign thing and remember someone saying that we are all in the same boat. Sorry but no we are not. When I visited prison, a woman was caught distributing drugs to her partner. What sort of people do that? I don't sit on the same boat as those people because I was a victim of heroin manipulation for years and it made me ill so no thank you, I am not in the same boat as anyone stupid enough to supply HMP. Sending love to all those affected by drug use. It is a road I will not be travelling on ever again.