Stop pushing your tripe on us! - From Leona

My partner (now ex partner) was in and out of prison for petty theft as a result of drug addiction. 
We went through hell and back to the point that his last prison sentence was my last too!
I am in complete agreement with others that maintaining family ties in prison is not that simple and I wish charities and those campaigning on behalf of prisoners families would explain how visiting someone addicted to drugs reduces re-offending? My ex like thousands of other people go in to prison as an addict and leave an addict. How do families help to reduce re-offending when their loved one is a drug addict? People really need to stop pushing their tripe on to families of prisoners because the only person who is able to reduce re-offending is the person who is abusing drugs! Run as fast as you can away from someone who is a drug addict. My life and my children finally have peace and prison visits are a thing of the past. I didn't cause it, I can't control it and cannot cure it!