Children treated like criminals - From TK

Hi to all. Two years ago my house was raided and my two children age 5 and 8 were asleep in their beds. 
I had a feeling my husband was up to no good but there wasn't any significant proof he was dealing drugs. If he was (and it turned out he was) I didn't see any money or 'spare cash' being spent. It all came to light after he was arrested and taken in to custody. My eldest child (8) has been majorly affected by the raid and has been seeing a child counsilor. I also don't visit my husband in prison and waiting on a divorce coming through. If he wants to do drugs then he can but my life and my children's lives won't be a part of it. He is better off with his own kind and it is that simple. 
I supported him through a prison sentence in 2009 and he did well abstaining from drugs or so I thought. It also came to light that he had lied throughout our marraige and drugs was his first priority. He was good at being a liar and hiding the fact he was still involved in that circle. 
I can't forgive him bringing the Police to my door and causing great upset to my children. 
I would like to see also the Police taking more of a compassionate approach towards children caught up in a parents poor choice of living. My children didn't ask for this and I got no apology from the Police. They were arrogant and uncaring. They have a job to do I know but my chldren aren't criminals and should not have been treated like one! 
As for the husband, he made his bed and I hope he lies comfortably in it!