Dear Prison Widow

Dear Prison Widow. Please give me some advice because I don't know where to turn.
My partner of 3 years has left me for another drug addict and all I have done is try to help him to come off the drugs. He promised me he would but he has cheated on me and now he is with another heroin addict.
Prison Widow Response: Well he's left you for another 'heroin addict' because you have tried to 'help him' and you cannot help an heroin addict. He is with 'his own kind' because she won't be asking him to come off the drugs - instead she will be as conniving as him! They are running partners who caress each others track marks, and if one of them ends up in prison - they'll just move on to the next available junkie/junkie-ess.
It sounds awful doesn't it? But that is pretty much the top and bottom of addiction. Sick attracts sick and the only relationship they have is with their drug of choice, in which case is heroin.
I'm sorry you are hurting but I am not sorry that he has left you because sweetheart, unless your ex partner is ready to quit, you are far far better off without him. If you have read the many stories on my blog sent in by families, you will see how destructive this drug is and the main thing is to keep yourself (and your children if you have any) safe. Beware if he runs out of money because he will jump through hoops to get on your best side again. Don't buy it - it's 100 percent faulty! Wish them both good luck - they are gonna need it.