EX Prisoner Speaks Out About Prison Crisis

The prison crisis? Get rid of the drugs inside.. give tougher sentences if caught with drugs inside.. make an example of prisoners and whoever smuggles the crap in.. and this is coming from a drug addict, albeit not an active one as I have been in recovery for 18 months now.
Let me tell you all this and it is a fact, there are people now on the streets homeless shoplifting and commiting crime just to get themselves banged up because the weather temperature is dropping - WTF? WTF (pardon my language) is that all about? 
As for prisons being awash with drugs? I had no problem at all getting my hands on gear and getting threatened because I got in debt etc. That's part and parcel of being a drug addict in prison and as spoke about on your blog, I was sent to jail because the Judge believed I would get help with my addiction? WTF? The Judge who sentenced me obviously is way out of touch LOL because who cares! I can take my shit in prison either way because the drugs are available! 
When I was in prison, I had every intention of going straight when I got released but I was under the influence when I was chatting shit because anyone who uses drugs have unrealistic dreams! 
This might sound like I am selling people out but the prison system is like a baby sitting service for druggies! No wonder the staff want walk outs and strikes and I do not blame them... It is a shambles and then some! From  an ex prisoner.