My daughter, the prostitute - From Anon

Dear Prison Widow Global.
I am writing to you in the hope you publish my story on your blog site. I would also like to remain anonymous. 
My daughter is a heroin addict. She started using drugs when she met her boyfriend who was a heroin addict. I quote 'was' because he passed away in 2014 of a heroin overdose.
Six months ago I had a stroke brought on by the stress of my daughters drug addiction. I was enabling her until a therapist advised me to stop and to let her hit her rock bottom.
I followed his advice and the outcome of it is she is selling her body as a prostitute in order to feed her drug addiction. She is just 25 years old and my heart is breaking. 
Hate is a strong word but I can honestly say that I hate drug dealers with a passion and I do not think that the country is tackling the problem well. Drug dealers should be sentenced to life imprisonment. They are making a lot of money killing people. They are completely on par with Harold Shipman. If my words come across as a little harsh, then try and understand it from a fathers point of view whose daughter is having sex with dirty old men to hand her money over to drug dealers who could not give a damn and will gladly take it to fund their illegal lifestyles. If you think life imprisonment is a little steep then walk in my shoes for a day. 
Last week, I learned that my daughter had overdosed and was brought back round by someone in the drugs den she was in. She nearly died but she was back on the street corner the same night having sex with men so she could buy more drugs. 
I know I am 1 phone call away from being notified that my daughter has either overdosed and died or she has been savagely beaten up by a punter. My stomach is in knots all day everyday. My mental health is on a decline because I am constantly stressed and anxious.
I know I cannot help my daughter because a drug addict has to help themselves. It is a very sad state of affairs and a situation I would not wish on any parent.