My parents were junkies - from 'Jane'

Dear Prison Widow. Please don't disclose my real name.
I hate drug addicts! My dad was a junkie and so was my mum. My nana raised me and I love her with all my heart.
My dad and mum are both dead. They died of drug overdoses, how romantic!
I was brought up around junkies until I was 9 years old when social services put me in to the care of my nana. I dont remember much but I remember scum bags coming to our house smoking with plastic bottles which now I know was crack. When my dad went to jail my mum sold her body to buy drugs. 
I had counselling when they both died and was told that they were ill and that addiction is an illness. Well they chose their illness and I do not buy that drug addicts are ill because they are ill. They chose a crack pipe and choices are there to either say yes or no. I have a very low opinion on junkies and if you think that is embittered then I would say yes, what do you expect? 
No child should be raised around junkie parents and if people still use drugs whilst they are in prison then they do not deserve to have their kids visiting them especially if they have been sent to prison because of drugs. 
I found out years down the line that my mum used to take drugs in to prison for my dad and that is the pits. 
When I see drug addicts in the street they make my skin crawl and I can't bear to even look at them. My best friend died of a brain tumor and fought for her life yet my parents mutilated themselves with crack, heroin and anything they could get a hit off.
I remember seeing syringes in the bathroom and undesirable people using the toilet who stunk like they had never washed for months. 
I am still seeing a counsillor on and off and struggling hard to forgive my parents. 
Thank you so much for raising awareness on this subject because there are thousands of kids right now living around drugs. It is no life and I was so lucky to have a nana who raised me with common sense and respect. Lots of love 'Jane'