Prison Service? Get a grip! - from a prisoners wife

OK, for all prisoners who may or may not read this - let me tell you what you are doing to your children.
My son like thousands of other kids, has a Dad in prison - for the 3rd time.
Maintaining family ties (which we are 'encouraged' to do) did not have any impact whatsoever. If it did, he wouldn't have gone back to prison. 
For all the 'encouragers' out there, let me ask you a question please. Here goes - Prison's are rammed with repeat offenders. If families are so called the 'key' to reducing reoffending, why are there repeat offenders in prison? I work, have a lovely caring family and a beautiful son, yet we continue to come second to HMP. Let us not beat around the bush here, if my childs Dad really really wanted to be a father rather than a jailbird, he wouldn't be where he is now for the 3rd time - in prison.
As for the prison officer strike today? Well what does the Government expect? Get rid of the drugs and toughen the prison regime for God sake! Get a grip!