Prison staff forced to turn blind eye to drugs, jihadism and violence as CONS run UK jails

Britain’s lock-ups have been described as violent places where inmates take drugs, drink and play on smuggled phones. Last week prison officers went on strike as images of lags drinking, eating steak and partying emerged online. Former prison officers have claimed they are told to turn a blind eye to the continued law-breaking and rule bending behind bars. Kelly Smith, 33, told The Sunday People she was asked to turn a blind eye to smuggled phones in the prison. She said: “It’s become ­ridiculous. Prisoners can do what they want. There aren’t enough staff to stop them. They’re running it, not the staff. You press an alarm and there are no staff there to come and help you.“The service is being cut everywhere and the governors are ignoring what’s going on while the prisons are going to s***. Staff are being pushed to their limit and they can’t cope.”