Prisoners using drugs should not be allowed family contact - from Bev

Hi. If I may I would like to contribute to your blog. 
I would like to offer my opinion on visiting prisoners in particular those with substance misuse issues and serving prisoners who are still actively using substances whilst in prison. 
My partner is currently serving a 5 year prison sentence. (drugs related)
I found out he is using drugs in prison therefore I have temporarily cut ties and have no intention of maintaining them until he stops. 
I disagree with charities and the powers that be that families should maintain contact if the situation is like mine.
The consequences of prisoners using drugs in prison should be zero contact with family and friends. If I decide to support my partner on release from prison - I do not want to be supporting a junkie again because his drug addiction is why he is in prison in the first place. 
Society frowns upon children being brought up around drugs and rightly so, so you tell me why I should play happy families on prison visits when the prisoner is high because he is still using the shit whilst locked up? Personally the charities and organisations should be looking in to this because whilst the likes of the Prison Service are promoting family friendly visits, my partner as well as hundreds of others are under the influence of drugs and are absolutely not addressing their addiction in prison. It makes a whole mockery out of maintaining contact with a loved one.