Released from prison still a junkie - from a recovering addict

Hey guys, hi to you all. I am an ex prisoner and drug addict in recovery. I am 2 years clean. 
Every waking day is a battle. I used heroin and crack for 8 years and I am lucky to still be alive. 
I would like to cover what Prison Widow said in her latest post which is something I definitely agree with. 
I used drugs in prison and I manipulated family members to send me money. I remember the Judge saying to me that he hoped prison would help me to address my drug problem. In fact I was released from prison still a drug addict. Shamefully I showed no remorse for why I was in prison because I used heroin whilst in there and heroin suppresses feelings. Only on occasions did I think about my victims. My main worry was to get my hands on money and I wrote to a woman and promised her the earth, even though I had a partner and two children on the out. I wanted drugs therefore I played the game and hurt a lot of people. 
My partner eventually left me and would only allow me access to see my children when I was clean. I went in to rehab because something had to give. 
Rehab was much better than prison. It was tough and I cried like a baby because remorse punched me head on in the face. I became a human being again whereas in prison, I was still a good for nothing druggie. 
In rehab I couldn't see my family for weeks on end and it did not affect any of us. My family understood because they knew this was the real deal and I was getting the help I wanted. 
I 100% agree that families cannot help to reduce reoffending especially when their loved one is a drug addict. The only person who can cure an addiction is the addict.