Shame on the Prison Service - by a 'Brother'

I should not laugh but.... the prison's cannot get a grip of the illegal/legal substances that are flooding their wings yet prisoners families are encouraged to visit? 
I think the appropriate words to use are... Prisoners families are being set up!
Jails are heaving with drugs and mobile phones, loved ones are locked up in these places, many of whom are addicted to substances and are using drugs whilst serving a prison sentence and they are supposed to be in there to address their addictions? Brewery and pi*s up springs to mind!
My family including myself tried EVERYTHING to help my brother address his addiction. We failed and he was sent to prison. He is actually in the worst place to address his addiction and he is now addicted to another substance in prison... a substance he never used when he was on the outside so how the hell does that work? The judges, probation and drugs workers all agreed he could address his issues in prison! I am in stitches here writing this because the only thing he has progressed to whilst being in the nick is SPICE! It's a disgrace and the system has brought this upon themselves! More riots on the way I think and shame on the British Justice System..