Children affected by drug addict parents - from Gemma

I am 23 and my parents are drug addicts. They are both now in their 40's and as bad as ever. I am surprised they are still here.
Growing up in a drug fuelled environment was the pits. I was never put first and was bullied at school. My grandparents were my saviours. 
I don't see my parents, I prefer not to.
Being raised by junkies had a psychological effect on my mental health and I feel intense pain for children being brought up around addict parents. Both of my parents are heroin addicts. My Dad injects it and my Mum smokes it. She smokes it because she once injected heroin in to her groin and nearly died through blood poisoning. She was in hospital for some time. 
When I was 17, my Grandma died of cancer. I wish it would have been my Mum. It sounds bad but that's the way I felt. I had no respect for my parents. I still don't because I was dragged in to their selfish habit. 
I am at Uni and have a partner who I can offload on to about this subject. He is my rock. People say that addiction is an illness. OK I will accept that because anyone who pumps their bodies full of drugs is sick both physically and mentally. It is an illness fuelled by choice and I have no sympathy for them.
My grandparents parted with thousands of pounds for Mum and Dad to go in to rehabs and every time they failed. Please can I ask any addict if you read my story: Does reality frighten you? Is the real world so bad that you have to escape it through drugs? Being brought up around addict parents was no life for me but I would never use drugs to deal with my demons. Thank you for listening.