High as a kite in HMP - from a former prisoner and drug addict

Hi and seasons greetings to all. 
I am emailing you in regards to the recent post by Anonymous titled, 'Prison is my comfort blanket.' 
I'm an addict, an heroin and methadone one although I haven't used heroin for 13 weeks. 
If I may say something before going any further and this is to, Liz Truss and Michael Spurr - I cannot remember much of the prison sentence I recently served because I was off my head for the majority of it! 
I know the Prison Widow Blog is a no holds barred one, so a no holds barred email is what you are getting. I only wish I had access to a mobile phone in prison to send footage to the ill-informed Judge who sent me to prison claiming he hoped I would address my addiction issues whilst in there. Actually I continued to use and abuse drugs in prison and was even introduced to a couple more substances!
Here's one for the head of the prison service, Michael Spurr. Recently on Sky News, you blamed the violence in prison's on drugs. 
Whilst I was in prison, I tried a substance called K2 AKA Spice. It sent me doo-lally and it would have been plainly obvious to anyone that my whole demeanour changed. It would have been very obvious to the screws who had gotten to know me. Need I really say anymore? 
The media have focused on the violence being down to lock down and staffing levels. I get it and to a point yes it is, but here's another Q for the powers that be who overlook the prison estate - How does employing more screws combat the drugs epidemic? You can take this whichever way you want to take it but there are bent screws making money inside and of course outside visitors are also supplying HMP. 
Prison is an absolute waste of fuc*ing space for drug addicts. Prison does not work full stop.
Cheers for allowing me to rant and rave and please do publish my name. It's Andy and I am an addict and ex con who got high as a kite whilst banged up in the British Prison System.