High in HMP - From Linda

You can agree or disagree with me but I have a son in HMP and the prisons are too mamby pamby!
My son is inside because he is a drug addict. He committed crimes to pay for drugs. When he was arrested and remanded, I was glad. In fact I was over the moon because at least he would regain his health. I was wrong because he is on the spice behind his cell door and I am livid!
If anything happens to my son then there will be a price to pay. How, why and what the blinking hell is going on when my son is getting high in HMP? The judge may as well not have bothered sending him down! When he is getting high in prison what remorse is he showing to his victims? None! And he is showing sod all respect for his family who have been supporting him to stop this drug taking madness. 
If you have a loved one who is drug taking then you will understand. I won't be called a callous cold hearted Mother because I was glad my son went to prison. He deserves to be there because otherwise I'd have been arranging his funeral. Better locked up than dead and that is the harsh reality. 
I do not blame the prison officers and staff working in prisons, I blame the Government for mamby pamby laws and regimes that do not work. 
Yes I know there is bullying in prisons and the bullying is down to drugs. Take out the drugs. My son told me that and prisoners families are getting the brunt of it because WE are the ones paying for it because our loved ones are asking for money lying about why they need the money! 
The system is a joke! 
Can I thank you for this fab platform you provide so prisoners families can let off steam and read other stories that reassure us that we are not going through this alone. It's fantastic and I am glad I found you.