I'm tired of the prison life - From Anonymous

Dear Prison Widow.
I am a born worrier and always put others before myself.
Lately though I have questioned wether this prison life is really worth it. My son is in prison for the 3rd time. He is 33 years old and he is a drug addict. I love him but he has put me through the mill and like other readers my health and state of mind has suffered because of his actions.
I have always supported my son when he has been in prison but this time around I have visiting less and less because the writing letters, having to be home at a certain time to take his phone calls and shopping for clothes and sending money and stamps is tiring. I am 64 years old and I am worn out trying to help and support him. He has lost his lovely partner and 2 beautiful children because of his drug addiction and I feel embarrassed to be his mum. Thankfully his ex and my grandchildren visit me a lot and his antics haven't ruined our family relationship.
I am upset and tearful writng this because I cannot understand why he would chose drugs over his family. It is beyond me.