It's nothing to do with prisoners families - from a worried reader

I feel sick, lonely, beside myself and furious that families of prisoners have had zero support during today's riots that have took place in HMP Birmingham! It's OK though to take our money when we visit the damn place! 
I have a loved one in there and I just feel sick!
No one knows the extent of the damage yet so I imagine some of our loved ones will be shipped out to other prison's? I don't know and neither does anyone else because after all we are just prisoners families and it's nothing to do with us.. but you need us to visit, right? 
It's a pi*s take and I have no idea if my loved one is OK, hurt, or injured, I really have no idea and there's suppose to be help for prisoners families out here is there? What a load of crap! I don't think so! Pray for my loved one and I hope other families are alright and everything is fine for them and their loved ones.