Prisoners families need to maintain good health too - from AF

Hi to all. It has really helped reading other stories on your blog and my thoughts go out to everyone. 
You have made my life a little more bearable. 
My partner is in prison - again! And he is there because of prolific shoplifting to maintain his cocaine addiction. 
He has lost his job and I have been left yet again in dire straights financially and with our beauitful baby boy. 
I have decided not to visit him in prison but will accept his phone calls and write to him. I don't want my child being in a prison environment. He asked for none of this and waiting and queuing for a visit with a baby is not ideal and it is something I don't want to do. I know that family bonding is suppose to be important but it never worked the first time around and I travelled miles to visit him whilst I was pregnant. I've been through the mill and back so his jail time is his own this time around.
I was reading something online the other day about how important it is to maintain contact with a loved one in prison. Can I just point out to people promoting this by saying that families also need to maintain their health too and prison visiting and the whole prison thing is very stressful especially when your loved one is demanding and money is tight. Stop using families as scapegoats because when drugs are high on a prisoners list; no one and his dog can reduce the reoffending rate. This leads me to ask where the support is for families with loved ones in prison who have substance misuse problems? I'm still looking because I am left alone to deal with this mess. 
This is his last chance. If he doesn't quit the drugs then I am walking away.