Prisons are crippling innocent families - from Suzanne

Dear Prison Widow UK. Hello my name is Suzanne and my brother aged 24 is in prison serving 3 and a half years. He is a drug addict and isn't addicted to one specific drug although he was using Spice before he was arrested. 
He went from a loving brother and son to a nasty piece of work and it was painful to be around him.
My Mum visits him but me and my Dad decided against it. 
Before he was arrested, he stole 5,000 from my parents and in the most devious way. He wasn't convicted of this because my parents did not press charges. He was arrested because of multiple thefts coinciding with his drug addiction.
His addiction caused problems within our family and is still causing problems because my Mum has been sending him money and has been sending money to someone who isn't in prison on behalf of my brother. My Dad found out and the tension is not good. I have also seen letters sent to my Mum from my brother begging her for money saying he owes people this and that. 
I agree with others who write in to your blog that the prison's aren't doing enough to combat the drugs problem. The prison estate is affecting families and innocent people out here because of the stuff that is going on inside and it disgusts me. Love to everyone who is going through this. Suzanne.