Prison's make money - from Terry

Hi to the Prison Widow Blog. I'm Terry and I am an ex prisoner.
I took drugs when I was in HMP and the pain and hurt I caused my family was unforgivable.
Prison Widow speaks sense but I doubt closed visits would ever take place without another riot. I wont go in to things in depth but drugs come in to jail externally and internally. You probably already know that and closed visits would be very interesting indeed! 
As soon as I got my discharge grant I was scoring within minutes of being released from prison and I was back on the merry go round and back in prison again. One thing Prison Widow forgot to point out was that prisons make money from people like me. They want bums on beds and drug addicts can guarantee them that which = profit. 
My view is that more rehabs should be built not more prisons. Drug taking is through choice but the choice becomes an addiction and addiction is a disease. From Terry in Milton-Keynes.