Staffing and DRUG issues in HMP - From Lynne

Hi Prison Widow Global. I agree with ex-prisoners post about not putting the recent unrests all down to staffing levels. My partner is in prison and I am ready to call it a day because he is using drugs in prison and scrounging money left, right and centre. 
The media seem to have shy ed away from the drug issue and are concentrating more on prisons being short staffed. I too agree that poor staffing levels are an issue, I am not saying they aren't, but drug use in prison is up there. 
Everyone knows that drug use changes the chemical imbalance in the brain. Drugs can cause irrational thoughts and like the ex prisoner so rightly pointed out, if prisoners are spending x amount of time on lockdown AND with substances in their possession then the only result is disaster. It isn't rocket science! 
Access to drugs in prison is not acceptable and both the MOJ and the Prison Service need to wake up and look at the effect this is having on prisoners families. The prisoners aren't funding their drug habits - the families are because we are constantly pressured in to sending them money or are being lied to and manipulated in to sending them money! 
My partner was sent down because he broke the law. The root of his criminal activity was substance abuse so why send him to prison in the first place if he can continue abusing drugs? What exactly are the tax-payers paying for here? 
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and your readers. All the best from Lynne.