Yes families enable their loved ones in prison - from Christine

Hi Prison Widow and blog readers. I love this blog by the way!
I was reading a post from someone who was asking whether they were enabling their loved one in prison by sending them money.
If your loved one is an addict and you know all the signs only too well before they went to prison then you will pretty much know if they are wanting you to send money in to prison so they can buy drugs.
My son is in prison and absolutely yes I was enabling him because I knew darn well what he wanted the money for. The tell tale signs were that he was also asking other family members to send him money and I sent him ample to buy tobacco and bits and bobs from the canteen. How much money do you really need in prison? Come on!
I don't send my son anything now. Not even money for phone credit or stamps. For one, I don't get the phone calls and for 2 he was selling his stamps needless to say for drugs. I visit him and I write to him but hell no I do not send him money. He will not be getting any money from me for Xmas either.
The whole point of him being sent to prison was to address his addiction and 'rehabilitate.' I have since realised that there is no prisoner rehabilitation and the Government don't run the prison's - the prisoner's do!
The scary thing is though, drug dealers operating from inside are using outside members to target families and squeeze money from them. There's bullying going on in prison's and it is nothing to do with politics - it's drugs drugs drugs and drugs make money.
Government - are you listening? Your prison's are a shambles and your regimes are laughable. That is coming from a Mother who has a son in prison and he visits them more than he visits his family so the word rehabilitation (pardon my language) is bull crap at it's very best. I'm all for human rights please don't get me wrong but I am all for discipline too. All the very best to you all from Christine.