A fractured prison system - by Steven a father of a prisoner

I have a son who is also in HMP Hindley. In fact he likes it so much he has been in there a few times! 
I read a lot of baloney about prisoners families and how much our support has an impact on deterring reoffending which pardon my French is utter bull. 
Probation have been neither use nor ormanent, and other than waffling on for a few minutes and ticking that all important box to say my son had been to his appointment; well what can I say other than my son was running rings around them! 
He was clever enough not to get recalled but crafty enough to play the system like a fiddle.
People often say, 'you cannot beat the system.' You only have to watch the video footage on the prisoners partying in HMP Hindley to know that the system is being thrashed! The only power the system has is to lock people away and believe me, it does not scare my son nor does it deter him from commiting crime. He once said to me that he has a laugh in prison and it's no big deal. Like the Mother of a son who posted her story about her son being in HMP Hindley, I too wish for nothing more than for my boy to sort his life out. 
Probation and other authoritive figures say 'it is down to him to sort himself out.' Easy enough to say when my son enters HMP and can get smacked up and high as a kite at his leisure! As soon as he steps foot on the sweat box he is set up to fail!
I read a while back someone on your blog suggested closed visits for a while. I'd be up for that! I would be very very interested how the drugs are getting inside although it isn't rocket science. I would sit and visit my son behind perspex no problem. In fact I might have a half decent conversation instead of covering my ears to the screaming kids that run riot in the visitors room! What is the system afraid of? Don't tell me, if they imposed such a thing it would cause riots right? And if they changed certain rules that would cause riots to? Anything these days causes riots in prison and that is because the system has kindergarten pre-school atittude with fractured backbones. 
I would love to meet my sons victims, first to apologise for his wrongdoings and secondly to inform them that he is doing fine in prison and is often high on spice, weed, smack, or whatever he can get his hands on. Imagine that? Imagine how they would feel because truth beknown if someone burgled my house and I watched the video footage of prisoners partying, I would be damn well furious! 
It's a joke but it's far from funny! I would like to contribute to your blog again in the near furture with updates. Thank you for your time and alass we have a site that is honest without all the Government jargon! Kind wishes, Steven.