Being a junkie inside and out - from David C (Sheffield)

I'm an ex prisoner and have been in jail 4 times.
I won't lie, I took drugs in prison and my parents unbeknown to them funded it. 
I was always asking for money and they always sent it. I won't dirt the prison I was in because the screws there were alright and banging their heads against a brick wall. 
The weird thing about my prison sentences were that I wanted to go in to kick my habit and on my first prison sentence many moons ago I did just that. Anyone these days wanting to go to jail to sort their heads out and get off the drugs are wasting their time.
Now I have been a prisoner and I am in to the human rights thing, but the Government honestly need to put their foot down. The drug culture on the inside is getting as bad as on the out. Since the media have been publishing more and more stories of lads high on spice and off their faces, the pressure is mounting on families on the out to send in money in fear of their loved ones getting hurt inside. One lad on the same wing as me owed money for drugs and his family really got it in the neck. He ended up on numbers (seg) and the dealers still targeted his family. I have read your blog a real lot and it is easy for people to say, 'stop sending your loved ones money in prison.' A lot of families feel that they haven't got a choice because they are indeed told that if they don't and their loved ones 'owe' then they are going to get done in. It is madness and I think it has gotten so out of control that the Gov and prison service don't know what to do. Mobile phones is another issue and more and more prisoners can get their hands on those too at a price. 
The prisoners and the perps who smuggle the gear in make a nifty buck and as long as drugs are distributed in jail, the reoffending rate will just increase hence why families do not stand a chance of reducing it. I have been in jail 4 times and in those 4 times I have seen repeated faces time after time and those lads come from good families so which bright spark honestly thinks families are the key to stopping reoffending? It is clap trap and it is said because the Gov and prison service are running out of ideas. For instance my parents are the best you could honestly wish for yet I still treated them badly when I was actively using gear. 
Now I have been clean for 7 months and live at home with my parents again. The boundaries are laid out for me and I have dumped the circle of smackheads I used to call friends. Those friends by the way never visited me or write me when I went to prison. 
Drug using is a bad life but they need to sort out this drug culture inside because drug addicts who can't use in prison just might think twice about going in. If you can't use in jail believe me you have a lot of time to think about your actions and the hurt you have caused your victims and families and for what? Being a junkie!