Born a heroin addict - from 'Casey'

Hello Prison Widow UK. 
Apologies beforehand if my email upsets some people. 
Twenty six (26) years ago I entered the world as a heroin addict. The person who gave birth to me couldn't get enough of heroin and God only knows what else she took to satisfy her high. I refer to her as a 'person' by the way because 'mother' is not appropriate. I know some women battling with addiction have remarkably made amends and have changed their lives for the better, but the person who carried me continued to smack herself up and passed away in 2010 of, surprise surprise, a heroin overdose. She was reportedly found alone in a bedsit which was surprising because the bedsit was occupied by a number of junkies? Quite obviously there's no 'friends' in this game! Long story short, I was placed in care and raised by two angels. 
The impact this has had on me has been challenging. I have had a beautiful stable family life with my parents but as I got older I battled with wondering how a person could poison a living breathing human being inside of her. It was said that I was very poorly when I was prematurely born. I have researched addiction and flayed my skin off in the dead of the night thinking how addiction is classed as a disease? To a certain degree I get it but I don't wear it. It doesn't wash with me at all. There are people who have overcome their addictions therefore to stop is 'doable.' With the right help and support, beating addiction is 'doable'. 
It all depends on whether that individual WANTS to change their life but the person who gave birth to me never even once attempted to because she didn't WANT to come off the high. People know that if they dabble with class A drugs their life is going down one road only so addiction in my opinion is a choice. No one forced the woman who gave birth to me to shoot heroin in to her veins. As a matter of fact, her sperm donor helped her to find veins where she could inject and drift off in to an artificial world. 
Last year, my friend passed away of ovarian cancer. She fought to live and my word did she fight. A few weeks ago I ended up in the accident and emergency department after a slip on some ice and was sat next to a junkie who had a piece of kitchen roll pressed on to his arm.
Overhearing a conversation it was a wound due to missing a vein. I moved away and sat elsewhere because when I think of my friend fighting to live, I look upon junkies as scum of the earth. A drain on resources. 
Sorry if I have offended anyone. I know there are families who are going through difficult times with a loved one who is addicted to drugs. This is simply my story and opinion. 
Children affected by substance misuse (parental) do not have the support in the UK. There are thousands and thousands of children, teenagers and adults who are wanting answers. 
There is no war on drugs, as a matter of fact drug addiction has soared. 
I simply just want to let other readers know that they are not going through this alone. I was born an addict, and I live to tell the tale. With the kindest of regards, Casey.