Brother and sister forced to live apart after social services put them in different care homes - Prison Widow UK comments

A devoted brother and sister have been forced to live separately for the first time in 80 years after social services placed them in different care homes. June and Jack Johnson, 86 and 84, are too ill to stay independently at their house in Stockport, but a GP has recommended they remain together. Jack is totally blind and has dementia, and broke his neck in a fall at home. Following a hospital stay his care needs were assessed and he was placed in Davenport Manor, Davenport, in December. June, who has osteoporosis, arthritis, heart problems and milder dementia, also suffered a fall and needed hospital treatment. But upon her discharge she was put in Marbury House, Heaton Chapel, where nearly two months later she is still awaiting her assessment for a permanent place.“Unfortunately, for reasons of case confidentiality,

Stockport council is unable to comment on individual cases. “However, in all cases we aim to improve and maintain people’s independence whilst providing them with the appropriate care to help meet their needs.” – COUNCILLOR WENDY WILD

Prison Widow Comments: Time to go wild at Wendy! Now, I have worked alongside Social Services, I still do, and I have respect for them. Some do a great job, but sorry, how do you sleep at night Stockport Council? 
These beautiful beautiful souls are 86 and 84 years old. They are not young children! 80 years they have lived together and the powers that be (heavy sigh and eyes rolling) have made a decision for an 86 year old and 84 year old to improve their independence? Independence? Let me outline it for you:
They have lived happily together for 80 years.
Don't you think it's a bit late in the day to start promoting independence Wendy? You honestly think you are providing 'appropriate care?' Mending broken hearts is that? And how are June and Jack being supported emotionally? 
Their GP recommended that June and Jack stay together right? Wendy Wild you are voted in by the people of Stockport, correct? A family woman? Think hard about where your priorities lie please.