Children in trauma on UK prison visits - from Bev

My daughter (age 12) misses her Dad. He is in prison and she wants some answers.
She said she wants to visit him and ask him some questions but the last visit we had, both of them including me got very upset and it was traumatic.
In certain circumstances I would like to see private visit rooms offered because everyone turned around and looked at us. My daughter was sobbing her heart out and no one came to check if we were OK. We cut our visit short because it was too upsetting. We were led out of the prison in standard procedure as always and that was that. I know that the prisons are limited on resources but if they claim that maintaining family ties is a good thing then why do they put families (especially children) through this trauma? It wasn't nice at all and although this hasn't stopped her from seeing her Dad, she feels she cannot bond with him because questions are part of bonding are they not? You know it is all and well and good to come out with maintaining family ties statements but there is not a thing to back up it up! It is a complete and utter load of rubbish! From Bev.