Drug use in prison is scandalous - from Leoni

Dear Prison Widow/Prisoners Families Voices. I'm Leoni and I follow you on Twitter and read your blog. I was with an addict for 15 years and no matter what things I tried, meaning tough love, kind love, you name it, the drugs always came first. I did the same as many, I supported him and stood by him in prison but the harsh truth is, if they don't wanna come off the drugs then walk away for your own sanity and well-being. When I asked him to leave 2 years ago, I often saw him with his new girlfriend who was a drug addict too. They both looked like rubbin rags and pondered the streets.
The next time I heard from him was via a letter he sent to me from prison saying he was sorry and that he had made the biggest mistake of his life. His girlfriend didn't stand by him because of course she is a drug addict and moved on to the next addicted male who could supply her and vice versa. Drug addicts can't have meaningful relationships because they are in it for themselves and themselves only. It is all about the drugs and where their next fix is coming from. It's all very well people saying we should support our loved ones in prison but who supports us because let me tell you, I didn't get a blind bit of help from anyone and when there is no support the best thing to do is walk away and concentrate on YOU! I like this blog for its honesty instead of the cackle that wrap prisoners up in cotton wool and live off the hope they change their lifes around. Well families can't do that especially if their loved ones are addicts. Only the person with the addiction can sort his or hers life out. Don't get me wrong here, if my ex went to rehab and proved to me that he was fighting his addiction then I would have supported him 100 percent but he was using drugs in prison and telling lies that looking back were pathetic. I don't wish any harm to him but the path he continues to take is one I don't want to walk down with him because after 15 years of it I decided to look out for me for a change. 
As for drug use in prison? I think it is scandalous! Love to all of you from Leoni.