Furious Dad blasts the Prison Service - From Tom

I am beyond furious with the diabolical system in the UK.
My son is in prison and he is there because of a drug and alcohol problem. We bought him a car, he sold it for drugs, we bought him a phone and that too was sold for drugs and booze. He has stolen from us left, right, and centre but we decided to stand by him. He is our son and we want him to change his ways.
Without giving too much detail, he was sent to prison because of a string of burglaries. We were ashamed to say the least and I am sorry to his victims for the hurt and anguish he has inflicted on them. We have been burgled (not by our son) so we know how upsetting and traumatic it is.
The long and short of it is; we were relieved when he received a custodial sentence because we were under the impression that prison might well be a place where he would come to his senses. However; my wife and I are distraught and we were outraged to find out he is taking Spice whilst he is serving his sentence. Legal highs are one of the reasons why he is in prison by the way.
Since he has been imprisoned, he has had to complete various course work one which includes victim empathy. So here is a question for those who run the Queen's establishments: How can he show victim empathy when he can obtain and from all accounts quite easily use drugs in prison? He ransacked people's houses high on spice yet is taking spice in prison! What is the point of prison? Granted he is locked up and cannot commit any burglaries for the time being and I emphasise the words, 'for the time being' because most likely the first thing he will purchase upon release from prison is spice! Drug users who are in prison because of their drug use and use drugs whilst in prison quite clearly CANNOT show any victim empathy! What does the Parole Board make of it all I wonder? You can see it now: Q: Has this person shown any remorse for their crimes? A: No because he/she is using drugs in prison to block out the reality of why they are in prison!
It's a shambles and as a parent of a son in prison I can only comment further by saying that prison is a poor scheme that sets people up to fail. Granted our lad can always say no but we don't know whether he has any choice in the matter do we? Regards Tom.