Hold the Government responsible for neglect

Blah, blah, blahdi blah! Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn don't see what we see do they? I see it and so do the many thousands of people who work their bones off in the health care industry. In fact, here's a little story for you told to me by a dedicated healthcare assistant who works at The Royal Bolton Hospital. 
Funding? Yes it got slashed, and on one ward you've got a complete moron with an absess the size of a golf ball on his groin because he missed a vein trying to inject smack; and opposite him is a frail man who has soiled himself and has dementia. The junkie is creating holy-hell because he's rattling and causing havoc on the ward and the man with dementia is very poorly and confused. As a healthcare assistant, who do you see to first? There's no catch here, you see, the healthcare assistant has to make that decision because she is practically lone working because the staffing levels are dire. 
Ten minutes later, a woman needs assisting with her lunch but the other lady in the next bed to her has had an accident and requires personal care and clean bedding immediately. I don't know about you Mr and Mrs MP's of the UK, but I was born with just one pair of hands. 
When you enter the healthcare sector as your chosen career, you are required by law to complete mandatory courses. One of the many modules you will come across is, 'abuse and neglect'. It's serious stuff and rightly so. 
But the very people who compiled these mandatory courses, (our wonderful competent Government) are the very people who should be charged with neglect! Why? Because look at the bigger picture here. NVQ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and how many other healthcare courses there are, are all well and good but they are also bull-shit under the current circumstances. Dignity in care? Well yes, but when you are forced to make decisions on which two extremely needy dementia patients requires assistance first because staffing levels are dire; it is nothing more than scandalous. The Government doodle up mandatory courses and they are the biggest culprits who neglect their people. It's all a game. 
I worked in a care home once and my experience was heartbreaking. Most days I would be consoling carers who were crying through exhaustion and sheer frustration. Again; staffing levels and greedy private business people profiting from the elderly. I'd name the person but I don't want to add to the rest of his controversial portfolio, but I challenged him and threw his rattle out of his pram, didn't you Chai? Oops a slip of the tongue there! 
Oh, and let me mention too that I whistleblew and that was my biggest accomplishment when working in the care home. Animals were treated better and it sickened me to the pit of my stomach. It was heart wrenching. Damn I wish I was camera-red up at the time! 
I'm not a stupid person, far from it; and you can't teach 'care.' Being a caring, compassionate person is something you cannot be taught. You either have it in you or you don't. That's as simple as it gets. 
Neglect and abuse in care? What's that? Ask the Government, they'll tell you all about it. 

Prison Widow UK