Living with the shame - from Anonymous

Hi, I had to write in to you when I saw a post on your blog about bullying. My Dad is in prison and when people found out what he'd done, I was pretty much sent to Coventry. The pain and the hurt was horrible and I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Even though my Mum and Dad are divorced, we still ended up moving out of town so we could start again without all the finger pointing. I changed my surname by deedpole and none of my new friends know about my Dad. I tell them he left me and Mum when I was a baby and I have never seen him. It's easier that way and no one asks me questions. It's accepted as part of life. I know its a lie but its the only way I can deal with it and move on. I also think that before anyone pipes on about how maintaining family bonding when a family member goes to prison is important, they need to look at individual circumstances because there is no way I would visit my Dad or ever speak to him again.
Criminals have no idea what its like for their families to live with the shame. Please don't print my name.