My son is in HMP Hindley - from a worried Mum

I am writing to you to forward my concerns regarding HMP Hindley.
My son is in there serving a sentence for drug related offences and I am disgusted at the footage showing inmates partying on drugs and sharing their antics on social media websites. 
This may sound a terrible thing to say but I was glad when my son went to prison because I could not tolerate anymore from him. He brought endless trouble to my door and I began having anxiety problems which led to a near-on nervous breakdown. I love my son but like many other families have said on your site, I did not like what and who he had become. 
He had a brilliant education and has a string of qualifications but threw them on the scrap heap to become what he thought was a gangster. The inevitable outcome was that it all ended in tears and he got himself nicked. 
I had hoped a prison sentence would sort him out, make him a better person and turn his life around. But - how in God's name can he do that in a prison that looks like a bloody drugs doss house! I am disgusted, worried, and just don't know what to think.
How the hell are they getting away with partying and boasting about it on social media sites? What are the prison officers doing and how are bars of drugs getting through? What a bloody down and out shambles! Please don't publish my name and details as I would like to remain anonymous.