My son the spice addict - from JJ

Prison Widow UK. I have read the post about a prisoner overdosing on Spice (legal high) and who has lost his life whilst in custody at HMP Forest Bank.
I am appalled and my heartfelt condolences go out to the gentleman's family and friends.
My son (not in HMP Forest Bank) is addicted to Spice and he is spiralling out of control. He is one more charge sheet to going back in prison at the moment. When is madness going to stop? When are the Police and Prison Service going to get their act together? Something is not right. You are not telling me that prison officers cannot spot a drastic change in a prisoner's behaviour because as a Dad of someone addicted to this filthy legal high I can tell you that this stuff changes a persons persona and you can spot it a mile off when they have taken it. However with all due respect to the prison officers, they are short staffed, overworked and the prisoners are cooked up in their cells with sod all to do but get off their faces on drugs. It isn't the prison officers fault, it's cutbacks and profiting over a duty of care! I think it is absolutely disgusting and those selling drugs in prison should be brought to justice. Tougher prison sentences and closed visits all the way for me! Something has to give. When a prisoner overdoses on drugs in prison, there's something very very seriously wrong.