Newspapers and families of prisoners - from Ann

My son is in prison in the UK for dealing drugs.
His name and my address was published in our local newspaper. Comments on the news thread ranged from: Lock him up and throw away the key; scum of the earth; bad parenting; to name a few. What my son is in prison for I do not condone. Did my son have a bad upbringing? Far from it and scum of the earth is what I have said in the past about local drug dealers in my area.
I cannot abide drug dealers and if that includes my son then so be it. When he was arrested, I was shocked, saddened and disgusted. He had ample of qualifications to make a good honest life for himself but selling drugs made him easy money. His words, not mine. When I read the comments online the newspaper published, I challenged some of them. Most of the people who commented could not grasp that as his Mother, I hated everything about drugs and dealing them. They started to name call me as a bad Mother and that's when I voiced my opinion. They were entitled to their own and I was entitled to mine.
I visit my son in prison and I take his phone calls. One thing I won't and will never do is send him money. If he needs essentials i.e. clothing and underwear etc; I will fund that but otherwise money for money's sake; no I don't contribute. I have my own bills to take care of.
I love my son but I do not condone what he has done to be where he is. This is what the general public and people who make comments on newspaper threads need to get a grasp of. They started to attack me but what have I got to do with adult decisions my son made?
The person who has posted about her son being bullied at school because a newspaper printed their address is not acceptable. I do not think that small children/children who have been thrust in to a situation they cannot do anything about should be targeted and by newspapers printing addresses and allowing comments online; they are partly responsible for inducing bullying. My son doesn't have children but if he had, I would dragged the editor's name likewise through the mud.
Leave the children out of it and moreso families of prisoners who have been pushed in to a situation through absolutely no fault of their own. My love to all. From Ann.