No cotton wool coaching - from an ex prisoner and drug addict

Dear Prison Widow. I am an ex offender and my crimes were based around my drug addiction. I was an entire waste of space and I hurt a lot of people close to me. 
Please do not think that I am being mean, but part and parcel of my failure to beat addiction was being wrapped in cotton wool by professionals. Yes; I needed compassion in some areas but what I really needed was someone to tell me straight whether it be harsh or not. Again not meaning to be rude; I had two drug workers who spoke to me like I was a pre-school nursery child and it didn't work for me; sorry. I understand their are guidelines and political correctness policies, but some of it is no good and I eventually kicked the gear when I met an ex drug user who volunteers for a local organisation. He was to the point and he was very blunt. I needed to hear what he said and that gave me a kick up the backside to do something about my addiction. Some people frowned upon him because he was too much to the point but trust me; drug addicts need to be disciplined if they want to come off the gear. Hugs and kisses don't cut it and I have no issue whatsoever with compassionate drug workers but overly compassionate and text book support is something I don't think drug addicts should be subjected to. My original drug worker was a lovely lady but she had never lived around drugs nor ever taken drugs to understand the enormity of how addicts feel. Prison was no good for me either. I just met more drug addicts, took more drugs and had more numbers in my phone of people I could score off. Please don't think I am dissing the drug agencies because I'm not; their jobs must be hard and frustrating but for me; hard talk and wake up calls worked better for me rather than being wrapped in cotton wool.
To Casey, I have just read your story and I have no words. I feel ashamed that drugs also parted me from my loved ones. Until you give up the gear, you have no idea how it affects your family. I also agree that the so called war on drugs was lost years ago. Society today is well and truly screwed to the wall. 
From Anonymous.