No support for families that have no choice - from Tracy

Hi. I would like to share my story and get a few things off my chest. 
I'm no longer "accepted" as a prisoners wife or partner anymore because I walked away from it. That doesn't mean that the whole experience doesn't hurt anymore because it does and it's still raw. But I can honestly say that the freedom and peace is so much better than serving a prison sentence alongside my ex which was what I was doing. My ex is now out of prison and back on the heroin with his heroin addicted new partner. I bumped in to both of them at my local town centre shopping mall and we spoke in a civilised manner. He told me they were sofa surfing and didn't have a place to live. He looked rough and looked like, well both looked like homeless heroin addicts. 
He left a life behind that consisted of a lovely family, a beautiful daughter, a job and a nice home for heroin. I can't include his current partner because she's an addict so their relationship is based purely on smack. 
I hadn't seen him in 6 months and I was glad of it because I couldn't help him anymore. The drugs meant far more than me and his family so I let him go. 
It hurt me to see him again and I feel I have taken a few steps back but I know my decision was the right one. 
To see him at an all time low wasn't great but what can families do? 
For me and I totally agree with the Father of a drug dealer, prisoners families cannot 'cure' and prevent their loved ones from re-offending especially when the drugs come before anything and everything else. Drug addicts/repeat offenders are the only people to reduce re-offending by knocking the drugs on the head and there is no way possible that families can control the situation so please stop offending prisoners families by using this quote.
I would like to see more support aimed at families like myself who have no choice but to walk away from a loved one addicted to drugs. It still has an impact on us and it feels like we don't belong to any support groups because we no longer support a person in prison with a drug problem although some of us have children together or are parents of those addicted to drugs. Thanks and Happy New Year to all.