Partner using drugs in prison - From Anon

Hi. I read a lot of your blog and wanted to share some of my story. My partner is in prison and he is released in August this year. I went through lie after lie and manipulation because he was using drugs. I didn't know he was a drug addict when I met him and he hid it very well. At 5.30am one morning the Police busted through my door and he was carted away in a Police van. I was terrified and shook up. When all comes to all he was arrested for a robbery along with two others. I have supported him all the way through his sentence and have stood by him only to find out from another woman during a visit that my partner is still using drugs in prison. The woman was visiting her partner and she told me on the way out during a brief chat. Her partner shares the same cell with my partner. I don't know what to do because I don't want him to come home if he has been using drugs in prison because this means he does not want to give the drugs up. I have missed him loads but I have had peace also since he has been in prison. I feel like he has taken the mickey out of my supportive good nature and keep wondering if I should give him another chance. I hate drugs, they are wicked and just destroy people. Please don't print my real name. Thanks.