Prisoners families ripped apart - from a Father of a prisoner

Hello Prison Widow and Happy New Year.
I have a son in prison in the UK and we have been estranged for 3 years. 
He was convicted of dealing heroin amongst other destructive substances. 
His brother died of a drugs overdose in 2012 and this did not stop him from selling heroin. My son isn't a drug addict by the way, he is addicted to making money from the drugs! 
I decided to cut ties with him 3 years ago because I despise drug dealers and the pain they inflict on families. He's my son I know, but his 'occupation' is revolting. 
A young man in our community died of a drugs overdose on Xmas Eve and needless to say his family are beside themselves. I thanked God that it wasn't my son who sold it him as of course he is in prison. 
Some people judge me for turning my back on my son but I'll allow them their opinion, it's fine by me. My son wishes to live his experience the way he wants to which is his choice. Drugs and being around those who sell it isn't my choice and that's the way it is. 
His Mother, my Wife, still visits him in prison albeit not on a weekly basis. 
He also has 2 sisters; they do not see or speak to him. You see, this is the pattern isn't it? You needn't be an addict for drugs to rip apart families. 
I agree with all those families who disagree that prisoners families cannot reduce offending. Whoever and I mean no disrespect directly; said families are the main point of reducing reoffending are deluded. They are deluded to the point of insanity! 
I would love the Government to throw the proof on the table; undoctored of course! 
All the best to you and keep up this excellent work.