Prisoners run the prisons - by an ex offender

I watched the footage on the laughable HMP Hindley Rave  and anyone, and I mean anyone, especially the idiots who came to the poor conclusion that families can reduce reoffending are nothing more than brain-washed! 
I have been to prison, a few times in fact, and I take my hat off to those on your blog who have come forward and said that families cannot reduce reoffending. For those with substance misuse issues; they are correct. 
You cannot 'help' 'cure' or 'support' anyone with a drug addiction without those words becoming 'enabling.' 
The Hindley 'party'is both embarrassing and hysterical and proves that HMP's are in deep crisis. 
Did you see the size of the block of cannabis? Well unless the screws heads were turned there is no chance on earth that weed bar came out of a visitors bra! I know the drill, I know what goes on and there aint no governors or NOMS people run our prisons - the prisoners run them because it has simply gone too far. Put it this way, would I rather be living homeless in a tent or would I be in prison? Prison all the way! The system is an embarrassment! End of story.