Support for older prisoners families - from a mother

Dear Prison Widow UK
I have 2 sons in prison and whilst there is a support group for prisoners families in my area; I felt like a bit of a spare part as most of the attendees were young mums. 
I have friends who are dear to me but they don't fully understand how I feel and change the subject if I talk about my sons. Maybe they are doing it for my own good but sometimes I need to offload and talk about my feelings. 
The support group is good and I feel welcomed but I don't feel connected. 
My sons have been in prison for 3 years and won't be released any time soon. We have a long wait.
They are in completely different prisons and I visit them both on my own when I can afford to. My health isn't great but I soldier on. 
Their father passed away in 2013 so literally I am on this journey by myself. 
Please could you publish my email so that hopefully it raises some awareness about us oldies! Thanks in advance, 

Yours Sincerely

A mum of 2 sons currently in prison in the UK