And who supports us? - from Kel

Here we go again! My partner has been sent to prison again and I cannot do anymore! 
I work, he has a stable home, a gorgeous daughter and a great supportive family so my guess is that he doesn't want to put the effort in to maintain this? Prison hasn't helped and is the same old tripe as it was. 
I am tired, I am very tired, and how many more times seriously do I have to cart my daughter around visiting to the same old humdrum prison visits so they can colour a picture in together? Our daughter is at that age now where she is starting to ask questions and perhaps he can explain it instead of me having to clean up the wreckage everytime! It is all well and good saying families can help and assist to reduce reoffending but I have a life too and is it really my job to prevent him from committing crime and going back to prison? What does this responsibility do to my own health and wellbeing? Why can't he give something back and support me and his daughter for a change? Where is our support? Sorry for the rant but really I have had about as much as I can take! From Kel