Creative ideas for prison letters - By Prison Widow UK

Writing letters to your loved ones in prison can get a bit tedious right? I've been there and worn the tshirt! But letters needn't be boring. 
I've lots of ideas, some romantic, some humorous and some children can create too. 
When I wrote to my OH in prison I made my letters interesting because as many families say; you get stuck for words especially when you are in touch every day with your loved one in prison. I used to do something called shape poetry. It's not neccessarily poetry; although if you can write poetry, fine; but words that mean something to you is as simple as it goes. It might look difficult? No, it's easy and ask your partner/son/daughter/friend who is in prison to return a shape letter! Draw or trace an object, a tree, love heart, or anything you want; but my tip is start simple until you get the hang of it; and use a fine pencil to draw this on a plain piece of paper. That's your template. 
Then with a pen, can be any colour/s fill in the template with words of your choice. Don't go out of the pencil lines though! 
Once you have put all your words inside of the template, gently rub out the template using a pencil eraser. You will then have a letter in the form of a shape! Children will also enjoy this activity and it's a little something different for their parent in prison to admire!
I am compiling some writing interaction packs to make letters more interesting so watch this space! Letters needn't be boring and you can have a lot of fun writing and designing them.                                

Prison Widow UK 2017

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