Discipline my son - from a father of a prisoner

Hi Prison Widow UK Blog. 
My name is David and my son is in HMP. 
For the sake of embarrassment, I don't wish to clarify which shambolic establishment he is serving his sentence in. My son is 26 and this isn't his first prison sentence. He is a drug user and although I have no proof he is using drugs in prison, I will bet my bottom dollar he is. I saw on the news this morning the undercover Panorama investigation filmed in HMP Northumberland. This isn't the prison my son is in by the way. I have watched footage published in various different newspapers today and I am disgusted. In 2010, Theresa May quoted that 'prison's work'.  She must have been on what some of the prisoners are sniffing in HMP Northumberland because prison does not work unless like my son, he likes it so much in there he keeps going back. He told me that it was easy in prison. He told me that it does not bother him and he told me that it's a good crack in there. Here is the best bit, he told me he would rather be in prison because I was too strict at home. I put boundaries in place in my home because he is a drug addict. He was lucky to have a roof over his head especially when he stole £2,000 from me and his Mother to buy drugs. Boundaries have to be put in to place and because he didn't like it, he prefers prison because he can get off his head without any hassle. The game is too easy for him and thousands of others no doubt. Watching the video footage of prisoners turned my stomach. It shows one prisoner threatening a guard with a metal stick of some sort because he wouldn't go in his cell when the guard asked him to. I'd have wrapped it around his bloody neck! And this is what's wrong with the system, it is too play school and it has gone too far. My son, I love him, he is my son, is not being disciplined. I expect discipline in prisons and I expect rehabilitation but the balance is not there. The Government haven't got it right because it is human rights gone too far. It is political correctness at an insane level and offenders on the in and out know exactly how to play the system. You might not agree with the comment I made about the prisoner and the metal bar, and absolutely I agree that violence is not acceptable and the system has a duty of care for our loved ones in prison, but take a step back, I would be petrified if my daughter was a prison officer and the Government has a duty to protect those who are protecting ours. Let us have it right, the Gov cannot even get society right out here so its curtains all round.